League of Legends Wild Rift

this game is One of the popular MOBA League of Legends (LoL) will try the mobile market in 2020. then from the PC version LoL is an alternative game if DOTA 2 is too difficult for you, but if you are already good at playing it, you will still face enemies that are equal to your skills. The Wild Rift League of Legends has the same gameplay as the PC version with 5v5 mode, has more than 40 Champions, changes your favorite Champion skin, and of course ranked mode. from a joystick control scheme and mechanism that is almost the same as the PC version, will League of Legends Wild Rift move over popular MOBAs like Mobile Legends or AoV?


We believe it is only fair to say that there is absolutely no gamer in the world who doesn’t know the name “Call of Duty”, do you agree? The good news is that now we are getting a mobile version of the title that changed FPS gaming history forever! And as always, even though it is a mobile game, we all know that the best place to play it is on your PC! Download Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with BlueStacks and add amazing power-ups to your experience by using exclusive features like the Shooting mode and the 360 degree Free look around feature with which you can easily spin the camera in seconds without using the mouse. We are sure that this new feature of BlueStacks will give you an advantage in competitive gameplay in this classic FPS game. Plus that beautiful big screen of your PC, the ease of the mouse, sharpness of the keyboard and a much faster and stable internet connection. Take your gaming to the most powerful gaming engine ever developed: the new and improved BlueStacks awaits you, packed with incredible advantages for your game!

A classic needs a proper broadcast

Who doesn’t like a good match of Call of Duty Mobile on PC? Imagine if with just one click, you could be able to stream your game live and show off your talent and skills with no trouble at all? Well, would you like to hear some good news? Now you can do so! Download Call of Duty Mobile on PC with BlueStacks and broadcast your game in real time for millions of players worldwide! Show what you’ve got and even learn new tricks, by watching others playing too! Interact with other people, make new friends and socialize your entire experience in the easiest way ever. There is no reason why you shouldn’t share all the fun you are having with others. Selfish is no part of gaming at all!

Line’s Get Rich

The most recent list of the best online games falls on Line’s Get Rich. Pamor this game is indeed dim.

However, Line’s Get Rich remains a champion for simple games that have very exciting gameplay.

In general, Get Rich’s is just a monopoly based game that is supported by stunning graphics.

The gameplay is also simple and to the point. Therefore, the game Line Let's Get Rich is very easy and fun to play.

Well, Toppers, that's a list of the best online games that are fun to play to spend leisure time.

Online games are a means of recreation. However, make sure that you don't overdo it, Toppers. Good luck!

SUP Multiplayer Racing

users who like the latest online android multiplayer racing game must try SUP Multiplayer Racing. The storyline in it tells about the adventure that must be taken using a race car. There is a lot of enjoyment in every adventure in all racetracks.

In the game, users will race and compete with 3 opponents from all corners of the world. Customization features on each car successfully changed the skin by upgrading cars from several collections in various cars. Every car that you play can be turned into a Muscle, Monster Truck, Car

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The first best and most popular online game is Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This online game which is often abbreviated as ML was released in 2016, where currently ML is very popular with many people. Games that are also MOBA genre or (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) can only be played using internet access.

Even so, the internet connection and specifications needed in this online game are also not very high. However, to be able to play this online game, you and your team must need good cooperation.

The reason is, in this game, you will be divided into two teams, namely 5 against 5. Not only against the enemy, you and the team must also destroy the enemy towers. Where, if you succeed in destroying the enemy's main tower, you and the team will win.