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Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The first best and most popular online game is Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This online game which is often abbreviated as ML was released in 2016, where currently ML is very popular with many people. Games that are also MOBA genre or (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) can only be played using internet access.

Even so, the internet connection and specifications needed in this online game are also not very high. However, to be able to play this online game, you and your team must need good cooperation.

The reason is, in this game, you will be divided into two teams, namely 5 against 5. Not only against the enemy, you and the team must also destroy the enemy towers. Where, if you succeed in destroying the enemy's main tower, you and the team will win.

Best Android Graphic Game: Download The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a game written by Telltale Games which adopts from Robert Kirkman’s comics. The Walking Dead: Michonne is an interactive adventure graphic game horror episode that takes from pages 126 to 139 of the comic The Walking Dead.

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The story in this game shows the events Michonna was going through during her departure from a group led by Rick Grimes during the zombie war.

Name: The Walking Dead: Season Two
Developer: Telltale Games
Size: 12MB
Total Downloads: 10 Million +
Play Store Rating: 4.5 (1,160,673 users)


5 Android Games For Children Improve Intelligence

Smartphones are no longer a taboo item for children, though usually not for children. But now more and more games are available to help parents improve their intelligence with a choice of applications and games that are specifically for children. Of course, the game has an attractive appearance that matches the children’s preferences. And here is the game in the following complete list

Game Anak Anak
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5 Best Android Games Are Very Good for Increasing Children’s Intelligence. Below is a list of game developers who make games specifically for children.

1. RV Appstudios Kids Games

This developer has several games specifically for children. The game is divided into several genres and types. Starting from the game called Ice Cream Paradise which is a match-three game that looks like Candy Crush. However, they also have games that are completely free, which are 123 Numbers, ABC Spelling, ABC Kids, and so on. Total games in the RV there are 29 games.


2. Bubadu Kids Games

The first game is an interesting Bubadu Kids game. The game is very simple because it shows everyday life as well as attractive graphic support, ranging from being a doctor, shopping to supermarkets, making cakes and various others.

Games are also not complicated so it is suitable for children. However, the challenges are always changing. List of Bubadu games that are mostly free: Bubbu – My Virtual Pet, Bubbu Restaurant, Duddu – My Virtual Pet, Pixie the Pony – My Virtual Pet.


3. LEGO Games

The next game developer with many variations is LEGO Games. There is a game of building blocks and also Star Wars. Adventure game made easy for children to learn. Games made by LEGO on average have been played by many players, so you have to look at one of the games and try.

List of LEGO games: LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, LEGO® DUPLO® Train, LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore, The LEGO® Batman Movie Game, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix Factory, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Commander, and LEGO® Batman Movie Games ® Batman: Beyond Gotham.


4. Duck Duck Moose Games

Adventure, build trucks, and learn mathematics are the challenges in Duck Duck Mouse games. You need to know, the developer provides a variety of games so that children will not be bored. In addition, each game has its own difficulties that are adapted to the child’s psychological and motor condition.

List of Duck Duck Moose, LLC games: ChatterPix Kids by Duck Duck Moose, Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose, Duck Duck Moose Reading, Fish School by Duck Duck Moose, Truck by Duck Duck Moose, Build A Truck -Duck Duck Moose, Wheels on the Bus, More Trucks by Duck Duck Moose, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose.


5. Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

ABC Letter and Connect to the Dots is a game developed by Intellijoy. This game is suitable for children. They can play while learning to sharpen the brain. In addition to the two games, there are several other interesting applications available at Play Store.

List of Intellijoy Games: Learn Letter Names and Sounds with ABC Trains, Kids Numbers and Math FREE, Kids Painting (Lite), Kids Preschool Puzzles (Lite), Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle, Kids Tap and Color (Lite), Learn Letter Sounds with Carnival Kids, and there are many more in total, 47 Games.


For parents who are in the process of teaching children how to learn in a happy and happy way, try one of the games above and give it to their children. All of the above games are available on Play Store. You need to know, one application consists of various games. Therefore, parents do not need to report downloading and installing various games.